Parent Understanding

Child and youth mental health issues affect the entire family

Parent Understanding

Vanier Children’s Services with the support of St. Clair Child and Youth Services, Oxford Elgin Child and Youth Services and Kids Mental Health Optimist Club of Canada have partnered with M.I.understanding to create “Parent Understanding”.

 Caregivers often experience a feeling of isolation as well as fear of being blamed for their children’s difficulties.  Building service providers awareness and understanding of meaningful family engagement begins with a discussion on creating equal partnerships between providers and families.  Why is family engagement important?  Child and youth mental health issues affect the entire family.  Service providers are temporary; families are constant.

 The “Parent Understanding” video creates an opportunity to raise the voice of caregivers and build empathy and awareness around the difficulties families dealing with a child that is struggling face.  The story will help reduce stigmas around these families and increase the understanding of schools, communities and practitioners that support them.

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