M.I. Understanding

Building empathy and understanding of childhood mental health

Creating a Community of Support Exhibits

M.I understanding’s Creating a Community of Support exhibits provides parents with basic information on some common areas where children struggle; bedtime, setting limits, separation anxiety, managing worries.  Different stations with general information, tips and tricks from parents and experts as well as resources will provide families with a starting point to overcoming common challenges.

Creating a community of support where families, schools, communities and professionals work together helps build resiliency in our families.

 It all starts with understanding.

Our exhibits cover the following topics: 

Gender identity: Being gay is NOT caused by early childhood experiences, parenting or the way someone was raised.
 How to manage worries, Separation anxiety, Bedtime routines, Get Moving, The Importance of play, Getting school and medical Support, Setting social media limits, Picky eating, Getting ready for high school (Mind Your Mind)

Upcoming Events

Pride understanding works with M.I.understanding, hosting a Gender identity booth at the ‘Creating a Community of Support’ exhibits and offering the PIPE program to families and children in the LGBT community.