It’s OK to Fall


It’s not that I don’t want to try new things. Sometimes I get excited thinking about learning something new.

Then the worries start. What if I’m not very good? It’s scary to participate in something you’re not good at.

What if people laugh and make fun of you? What if they stop being your friend? So many ways this could go wrong!

Does this sound like you?

Making a New Friend

Everyone gets nervous meeting new people sometimes. Watch this story about when Emmet and Gully met a new friend.

Even though he’s different, they recognize that he is going to be a really great friend to have.

Emmet’s All Feathers

Emmet does not want to play dodgeball in gym class. How can he possibly play? He’s all feathers!

Maybe if he worries less about what the other kids will think he might end up having fun!

Activity 1

Ask your family about a time that they were nervous to try something new, join a team or go to a new school. What did they do? How did it turn out?

Activity 2

Emmet was so worried about getting hit by the ball and falling, and then it turned out to be the best memory of the game. Draw a picture of a situation that made you worried. How did it all turn out? What was your best memory?

Activity 3

Gulliver want to host a party, but the idea is making Emmet nervous. Draw a picture of what they should have at their party and who they should invite so Emmet knows what to anticipate.

Let’s make a plan!

What are some ideas of things we could do next time we start to feel big emotions come?

The Plan Example

What happened?

Nervous about playing on the soccer team

How did I react?

Refused to play

What can I do instead?

  • Let people know I am new to the game

  • Practice at home

  • Try my best

Now it’s your turn!

Did you follow the plan? How did it go?

  • Click on the Poppy video that best describes how it all worked out.
  • Don’t forget, plans take practice. Sometimes they work out the first time, sometimes it takes a couple of tries. The important thing is your trying and that you’re working together.

? Yes to success!

? Maybe nextime