The Back to School Plan


I hate it when I’m afraid of something but nobody else is. It Sometimes I get really scared about being away from someone I care about. Does this ever happen to you?

Sometimes I think I would just feel better if I could stay at my house.

You know what makes me feel better? Taking something with me that reminds me of my home.

It also helps if I know what the plan is, then if the worries come, I can remember that my family will be back and I’m going to be ok.

Does this sound like you?

Gulliver Practices Bendy Thinking

Gulliver is not feeling well. He doesn’t want to go to school and be away from his Mom.

His worries are telling him all the bad things that could happen.

Maybe his family needs to practice some bendy thinking. Maybe they need a back-to-school plan.

Learn More About Bendy Thinking

Emmet and Gully find bendy thinking helps keep their worries away.

To learn more about bendy thinking, watch the story about when Gully and Emmet get a new teacher.

Activity 1

What are three things you and your family could do to help you when you get worried about being away from home?

Activity 2

Make some cards/drawings with your family to put in your lunch box or school bag

Activity 3

Draw a picture of your family’s back to school plan.

Activity 4

What could you take with you to make you feel better if you start to miss your family?

Let’s make a plan!

What are some ideas of things we could do so our emotions don’t become the boss of us?

The Plan Example

What happened?

Going to school

What do I need to do?

Let the adults know with your words that you have worries

Let the adults know with your words that you have worries

? Extra hug
? Walking into school with the teacher
? Bring something from home for comfort

Now it’s your turn!

Did you follow the plan? How did it go?

  • Click on the Poppy video that best describes how it all worked out.
  • Don’t forget, plans take practice. Sometimes they work out the first time, sometimes it takes a couple of tries. The important thing is your trying and that you’re working together.

? Yes to success!

? Maybe nextime