Wendel’s Bedtime Burrito


Gully is always worried. What if something happens? What if something doesn’t happen? What if he gets hurt, scared, or what if it’s all too much?

Sometimes, Gully is so focused on his worries that he has a hard time focusing on what he has to do, like getting ready for bed.

Turning something you have to do into a game is a great way of keeping the worries away and remembering everything you have to do!

Does this sound like you?

Wendel and his Dad struggle at bedtime.

Wendel knows he has to go to bed, but sometimes forgets what he has to do, then his Dad gets frustrated and then bedtime isn’t so fun.

When they turn getting ready for bedtime into a recipe, they work together and bedtime is a whole lot more fun.

Activity 1

Wendel and his Dad turn bedtime into a recipe and make Wendel’s bedtime burrito. What activity at your house could you turn into a recipe? Draw a picture of what your recipe would look like.

Activity 2

Kids, rabbits and adults have things they have to do, that sometimes they don’t want to do. Can you help someone in your house get through a task they are having trouble with by helping them come up with a recipe? The family folded laundry recipe or the family clean up the back yard recipe? Working together makes everything easier – how can everyone play a part to get the task done that much faster?

Activity 3

Wendel and his Dad got the idea of turning bedtime into a recipe from the cookies they made that afternoon – Wendel really like those cookies.

Let’s make a plan!

What are some ideas of things we could do next time we start to feel big emotions come?

The Plan Example

What happened?

Getting ready for lessons Saturday morning.

What do I need to do

  • Get up

  • Get dressed

  • Collect my equipment

  • Be ready to go at 11

The Plan

Stick to the “Getting ready for soccer” recipe

Now it’s your turn!

Did you follow the plan? How did it go?

  • Click on the Poppy video that best describes how it all worked out.
  • Don’t forget, plans take practice. Sometimes they work out the first time, sometimes it takes a couple of tries. The important thing is your trying and that you’re working together.

? Yes to success!

? Maybe nextime