Emmet is not looking forward to gym class. What will everyone think when he is not very good at Dodge ball.  Worrying about what others are going to think can ruin the fun- maybe making mistakes is not so bad after all.

Social Anxiety

  • Everybody experiences anxiety, it’s part of our ability to survive danger.
  • It has nothing to do with strength, or courage, or character.
  • Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts to affect a child’s quality of life.
  •  Listen to their thoughts and feelings- respect their fear is real.
  • Telling you child to stop worrying is not going to work.
  • Remind them they are not alone.
  • Don’t avoid situations that cause anxiety- anxiety has a way of growing when we give in to it. Keep trying scary situations.
  • Don’t give up!


Watch the video below first, then watch the Social Anxiety video as a family!


  1. Find an activity your child enjoys.
  2. Keep it fun! Getting active shouldn’t turn in to one more thing your child HAS to do.
  3. Try everything. Give your child as much opportunity to learn about different activities. You never know where their interests may lie.
  4. Make being active part of your daily schedule.
  5. Make being active a family affair. If one person needs to get active, everybody needs to get active.
  6. Provide the tools your kids need to stay active- have a bin of balls, jump ropes, and chalk.
  7. Take a firm stance. Physical activity is an important part of your child’s development. It’s like brushing their teeth, it’s non-negotiable.


Be a good role model.