Setting up for success

Wendel doesn’t like bedtime. He’s suprised to learn that his Dad doesn’t look forward to bedtime either. Maybe they need a predictable plan to help them make bedtime run more smoothly.

Setting up for Success 

  • Proactively identify challenging routines/expectations for your child/family.
  • Recognizing and validating that the routine/expectation is challenging for everyone.
  • Breaking down steps associated with a routine/expectation can make it seem less overwhelming.
  • Visual and/or written records of the steps can help everyone remember what they are supposed to do and in what order.
  • Slow things down when things feel like they are going to fast or get hectic.
  • You can also build in positive rewards or steps to make the process more enjoyable for everyone.

These videos were developed in partnership with the Mary J. Wright Child and Youth Development Clinic, Faculty of Education Western University


Watch the video below first, then watch the video as a family!


  1. Work with the child collaboratively to set the plan so they feel involved. This increases the likelihood they will follow through and reduces arguments when the time comes.

  2. Using a creative solution that makes the process feel fun can make it more likely that the child will follow through with the routine/expectation.

  3. Be warm and validating, but firm in the process.