A Community of Support

Building empathy and understanding of childhood mental health

Creating a Community of Support Exhibits

M.I.understanding’s Creating a Community of Support exhibits provides parents with basic information on some common areas where children struggle, bedtime, setting limits, separation anxiety, managing worries.  Different stations with general information, tips and tricks from parents and experts as well as resources will provide families with a starting point to overcoming common challenges.

Creating a community of support where families, schools, communities and professionals work together helps build resiliency in our families.

 It all starts with understanding.

Our exhibits cover the following topics:

How to manage worries: The best thing you can do is teach your child to cope. The earlier you can teach them to cope, the better.

       Separation anxiety: Children struggling with separation anxiety often complain of headaches and stomachaches, which keep them from going to school. Children often plead with their parents not to go or not to leave them.

       Bedtime Routines: Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to trouble focusing and behavioural problems.

       Get Moving: Exercise not only gets your body in shape, it’s an important part of keeping your brain in shape as well. It improves mental health and the ability to retain information.

The importance of play: Undirected play allows children to learn to work as a group, to share, negotiate, solve problems and self-advocate.

     Getting school and medical support: In order for schools to help your child, you need to be open and honest with them about the difficulties your child is dealing with.

Setting social media limits: Many middle school children believe their on-line activity is private. The idea that what they message, send or post will be `out there’ forever is something most of them don’t grasp.

Picky eating: Picky eating isn’t always about strong food preferences. Some children are extra sensitive to food smells, textures and taste.

Gender identity: Being gay is NOT caused by early childhood experiences, parenting or the way someone was raised.

      Getting ready for high school (Mind Your Mind): Transitioning to high school is one of the most challenging periods of adolescence.

Pride understanding works with M.I.understanding, hosting a Gender identity booth at the ‘Creating a Community of Support’ exhibits and offering the PIPE program to families and children in the LGBT community.

M.I.understanding Ambassador Clubs

Introducing M.I.understanding Ambassador Clubs!

If you would like to have an M.I.understanding exhibit display in your facility or at your next event, please contact one of our South Western Ontario Optimist “Ambassador” Clubs for more information.