Video Production

Videos for M.I. understanding are produced by focuses on creating videos that tell a story. Educational and entertaining, the goal of our stories is to increase empathy and understanding.

M.I. Productions is privileged to work with 5 of the most talented (and nicest) puppeteers in Canada:

Gord Robertson Zoboomafoo, Fraggle Rock and The Jim Henson Hour
Andy Hayward – Sesame Street, bear in the Big Blue House, Chuck-E-Cheese
Karen Valleau Sesame Park, Big Comfy Couch, Mr. Dress-up, Fraggle Rock
Terry Angus Fraggle Rock, A Muppet Family Christmas, Sesame Street
Frank Meschkuleit Fraggle Rock, Toopy and Binoo, Muppets movie “Follow that Bird”

Pride understanding videos were produced by students and graduates of the Fanshawe College Contemporary Media Program.

All puppets are created and built by Angus Productions.

Another important part of is the students and graduates of the Fanshawe College Contemporary Media Program.  Each production, M.I. hires new graduates from the program to work closely with the puppeteers to produce the videos.  Five positions are then created for current Fanshawe students.

Nicole CoenenDirector/Editor
Mark AllisonCamera/ Editor
Dean McKeySound
Tia BelairProduction Assistant
Tara ClarkProduction/ Puppeteer Assistant
Olivia Dendy
Rebecca Nguy
Madeline Richards
Jessica Taylor
Madison StonerPerformer
Alex TremblayPerformer
Emily StewartSocial Media