When a storm hits, the only person that is nervous is Gulliver. Just because nobody else is afraid, doesn’t mean the storm is any less scary for Gulliver. Remembering they are safe might help Gulliver focus on game night.


Parents play a very important role in helping kids manage anxiety

Parents can help children by creating a safe environment for the to learn coping techniques

Anxiety is normal. Just because your child’s worry or fear doesn’t make sense to you, it doesn’t mean the fear they are experiencing isn’t real.

Tips and tricks:

Comfort, encourage and support

Don’t criticize or put your child down for having anxiety. They can’t help how they feel.

Talk to them about their fears. Talking helps them work through what is making them anxious.

Children struggling with anxiety require a lot of patience. Manage your emotions so you can be there for them. It will be worth it in the long run